Paid Version Features

1. Presets

Configure up to 40 different presets

Switch between presets on-the-fly (3 different methods to choose from: menu, navigation arrows, left/right swipe

Add a custom logo to the main screen (each preset can have it's own)

Customize the screen title (each preset can have it's own)

Define a default media/home folder (each preset can have it's own)

Background themes (each preset can have it's own)

Clone/copy existing presets

2. Playlists

Create and manage playlists

Button settings specific to playlists - shuffle, continuous play

3. More buttons

Small Devices - 21 buttons per preset

Large Devices - 40 buttons per preset

Total of 840 or 1600 buttons available when using all 40 available presets

4. Edit Mode

Drag and drop to move or swap buttons

Drag a button to the "trash" to delete/remove it

Individual button menus - Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, Edit, Move, Copy, Delete, Reset Playlist, Skip Track, Add to Queue, Remove from Queue, Cancel

5. User Registration

Join our user community

Backup your settings to our 'cloud' (future release)

Share with the user community about how you use the app and what your favorite tracks are to use by submitting a user story