User Registration

Use the drop down menu and select Settings, then User Registration

New User Registration

1. Enter First Name

2. Enter Last Name

3. Enter E-Mail Address

4. Subscribe/Unsubscribe to communications

5. Enter Mailing Address

6. Enter Organization Name (or N/A)

7. Select a sport that the app will be primarily used for

8. Select a sporting level that the app will be primarily used for

8. Click Submit Registration to submit your registration data

Update Existing Registration

1. Update whatever information requires updates

2. Click Save Updates to submit your updated registration data

Connect Device to an Existing Registration

1. Click Connect Device to Existing Registration to reconnect to an existing registration

2. Enter the e-mail address and registration ID from the other device

If you do not have your Registration ID, please use the Contact Form to reach out to our support team.

3. Click Proceed to reconnect to your existing registration