Here's what you get with a paid subscription to All-Sports Soundboard Pro

40 default buttons per preset (10 for non-subscribers; 21 for smaller devices)

40 presets (1 for non-subscribers)

Unlimited playlists (1 for non-subscribers)

500 tracks per playlist (5 for non-subscribers)

Ability to add multiple tracks to a playlist instead of one at a time

Button options displayed on each button (Fade Out On-Stop, Tracking, Repeat/Continuous, Shuffle)

Option to prevent accidental re-click of a button that just completed (delay)

Option to prevent the system from automatically locking the device

Lock Button - Locks the device screen by adding a semi-transparent overlay so no actions can take place until it is unlocked

Customize the transparency levels of buttons and plugins

Option to automatically set the device to DO NOT DISTURB mode

DO NOT DISTURB mode mutes system sounds/notifications and sets the device ringer to vibrate (if applicable).

Additional Edit Mode Options

Move buttons and plugins around the screen
Resize custom buttons and plugins
In addition to Edit and Cancel menu options, individual button menus also have Start, Stop, Pause, Resume, Skip Track, Reset Playlist, Delete, Move, Copy, Duplicate, Add to Queue, Remove from Queue


Create custom buttons
Add standard plugins to the screen - Volume Control, Gain Control, Audio Output Meter
Create and add custom plugins to the screen - website views, notepad, images

Twitter Integration - Send Tweets from inside the app

Connect to Twitter using your Twitter account credentials
Connect to multiple Twitter accounts
Setup default status text and default hashtags for each account
Include attachments or screenshots