Pro Version Release Notes - Version 3.02.04

 Some features are only available with a paid monthly subscription
Paid Subscription Features

Plugins (NEW FEATURE) 

 Create custom buttons - customize the location and size

 Undock the volume control panel - customize the location and size

 Undock the Edit/Fade/Mute buttons control panel - customize the location and size

 Add a Gain Level control panel - customize the location and size

 Changes are applied to the active track and all presets/playlists where the track is mapped

 Add an Audio Output Level meter - customize the location

 Create a custom webview plugin (small web browser) - customize the location and size, edit the URL, back/forward/refresh buttons

 Create a custom notepad plugin - customize the location and size

 Create a custom image plugin - customize the location and size

 Plugin Manager to create, edit, delete plugins

Twitter Integration (NEW FEATURE) 

 Send tweets from inside the app

 Ability to authorize multiple Twitter accounts and quickly switch between them

 Set default status text and hashtags for each Twitter account

 Attach a file to your tweet or a screenshot of the current screen

Account Manager (NEW FEATURE) 

 Manage user information

 Manage notification settings

 Manage/Purchase/Cancel subscription


 Select multiple tracks to add to a playlist instead of having to add them one at a time

 If you are adding multiple tracks you cannot set the audio trim, fade or gain settings until after they have been added to the playlist

 Select and remove multiple tracks at once

 New option to prevent duplicate tracks from being added to a playlist

Main User Interface

 Long-Press to start/stop a button instead of a single press

 This prevents accidentally starting a button
 Non-subscribers have access to EDIT mode in order to use the button menu to edit a button

 Repeat/Continuous indicator added next to the Media Progress bar

 Will turn red if the active button has a track set to Repeat or a playlist set to Continuous

 Current volume level display on the volume control panel

 Settings indicator icons on each button

  Fade-out on stop

Internet connectivity indicator  

Left/Right swipe to switch presets removed

New lock button added to the screen instead of having to swipe up to lock/ or unlock the screen 

Full utilization of available screen space including devices that have display cutouts (camera for example)

Many other UI improvements

Audio Tracks

All times have been extended to tenths of a second to allow for more refined start and stop times as well as fade-in and fade-out durations (00:00:00.0)

Audio progress display on the main screen now display tenths of a second (00:00:00.0)

When previewing an audio track you can click the Start or End marker to set the current preview time as the start or end time.    

Button Settings

Repeat option for single tracks

Button titles now fully support HTML

Rich Text editor - create custom HTML button titles

Button preview


Ability to edit presets when audio is active

Set the text color of the custom display title

Global Settings

You can now open and make changes to the settings while an audio track is active

Option to mute system sounds when the app is running

 Mute alarms, notifications and system sounds
 Sets ringer to vibrate mode (if applicable)

Set custom transparency levels buttons and plugins.

Quick Reference Guide (NEW FEATURE)

Available in English, Español and Francés


Thumbnail icons added when browsing for image files

Contact Us (NEW FEATURE)

Send us a message or ask a question

Other Important Updates

Popping Sounds - Some Android devices have a power saving feature that turns off power to the audio output jack when it detects that audio is no longer active. In certain situations, specifically with facilities that have high-powered PA systems, a loud pop could be heard when the power is cut off to the audio jack. This is due to the sudden drop in signal between the device and the PA system. The pop could occur again when audio starts and the audio jack is powered back up. Although this is not an All-Sports Soundboard application issue, a method was added in the Pro version to keep the audio jack powered even when audio is not active. However, a loud pop could still occur when starting or exiting the application.

Other Defect Fixes

"RECORD AUDIO PERMISSIONS" and "DO NOT DISTURB" Android permissions now required in addition to "READ/WRITE STORAGE"