Current List of Features

Customizable Buttons
     ☆ 21 or 40 buttons per preset*
     ☆ 840 or 1600 total buttons using all 40 presets (Depends on the device's screen size)
     ☆ Map to an audio track or a playlist

Uses the audio files you have on your device, external/add-on SD card or attached USB storage device
     ☆ Supported audio file types: MP4, M4A, AAC, MP3, WAV
     ☆ Files protected by DRM are not supported

Track which buttons have been used (ability to reset single preset or all presets)

Search for an audio file by name and/or media tags

Trim the start and/or end times, set fade-in and/or fade-out duration and adjust volume/gain for each audio track

Manually fade out at any point during playback

Add buttons to the play queue (automatically start when current audio complete)

Create and manage playlists

Map a button to a playlist; enable shuffle mode or continuous play; each time you start/stop a playlist button it will queue up the next track

Copy buttons

On-screen volume control and mute

On-screen battery meter

40 different presets

Each preset can be customized individually

Copy presets

Quickly switch between presets with the Main Menu, left/right screen swipe or bottom navigation arrows

Import/Export all settings

Language support for English, French and Spanish

Online Help

Swipe up to lock/unlock screen controls

Presentation Mode
     ☆ Each button can do the following with a click or long-press: Play/Pause/Resume/Stop/Edit

Edit Mode
     ☆ Drag and drop to sort buttons
     ☆ Drag a button to the "Trash" to delete it
     ☆ Each button has an individual menu: Play/Pause/Resume/Stop/Add-Remove to Play Queue/Move/Copy/Edit/Delete/Reset Playlist/Skip Track/Cancel

Customization Capabilities
     ☆ Custom main title (each preset)
     ☆ Add your team logo (each preset)
     ☆ Enable/Disable individual presets
     ☆ Define a default media storage location (each preset)
     ☆ Backgrounds - Select a sports theme or color (each preset)
     ☆ Enable/Disable individual buttons (button)
     ☆ Select a border color for each button to organize groups (button)
     ☆ Custom HTML formatting for button display names (button)
     ☆ Set default fade duration for the on-screen Fade button
     ☆ Set default fade duration for the "Fade On-Stop" option
     ☆ Enable option to prevent accidental button re-click (and wait duration)

Requires Android 5.0 or above

The free version is limited to:
     ☆ 10 buttons
     ☆ No presets
     ☆ No playlists
     ☆ Presentation Mode only

The All-Sports Soundboard does not include any music/tracks. You must provide all of the tracks to use out of your own library of downloaded materials. However, please see our user-community web pages where some locations of royalty-free sound effects and tracks may be listed. Please see your music provider (iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc.) for more details on how to download songs you've purchase to your device.