App Information

1. 30-Second Warning

When there are 30 seconds or less remaining in the audio that is playing, the button and title text will begin flashing, warning the user that the audio be ending soon

2. Screen Orientation and Size

The application only runs in landscape mode. In addition, the application window cannot be resized or used in multi-window mode.

3. Control Lockout

Swipe up to lockout all screen controls

Swipe up again to unlock all screen controls

4. Audio Output

Audio will be output to the current Android audio output path

Internal Speaker

Audio/headphone jack


USB (if supported)

5. The All-Sports Soundboard does not include any music/tracks. You must provide all of the tracks to use out of your own library of downloaded materials. However, please see our user-community web pages where some locations of royalty-free sound effects and tracks may be listed. Please see your music provider (iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc.) for more details on how to download songs you've purchase to your device.