Release Notes

Version 2.5 Updates (Available Now!)

1. Global Settings (NEW)

Separate fade duration settings for the Fade Button and the 'Fade Out On-Stop' button option.

The fade duration value is no longer stored in the Preset Manager.

Enable/Disable "Re-Click Delay" and set delay duration

Prevents accidentally starting a button right after it completed when you were actually trying to stop the button (example: doubling a goal horn accidentally). The button will be disabled until the delay duration has passed.

Enable/Disable "Prevent Screen-Lock"

Prevents the device screen from automatically locking due to a screen inactivity timeout while the application is running. You can still lock the screen manually at any time.

2. Button Lock-Out

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to lock out all controls. Swipe up again to unlock.

See the App Information help section for more details.

3. User Registration (PAID VERSION)

Register to receive free stickers and become an official part of the user community. You'll also be able to submit user stories to be posted on the community website so you can show other users how you use the app and what your favorite track are to use! In addition, registered users will be able to backup all of their settings to our 'cloud' in a future release.

See the User Registration help section for more details.

4. Import/Export

Export all of your settings into a folder on your device so you can restore them later or import them on a 2nd device. This function also works great as a way to backup your settings before you make significant changes.

See the Import/Export help section for more details.
If you spent time setting up buttons on the Free version you can export the settings and import them into the paid version

5. User Community (NEW)

Menu item added to rate the All-Sports Soundboard application on the Google Play Store.

Menu item added to submit a user story. (PAID VERSION and must be a REGISTERED USER)

Menu items added to follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Menu items added to visit our website and user community pages

6. Playlist enhancement

If you have a track in a playlist that is also mapped directly to button in the same preset, that track will automatically be skipped when it is next in the playlist queue, regardless of whether shuffle-mode is enabled or not

If you have a track called "mycustomsong.mp3" in a playlist that is mapped to Button #1 and you have the same track mapped directly to Button #2, that track will automatically be skipped in the playlist to prevent it from accidentally being played twice.
See the Playlist Behaviors help section for more details.

7. New Help - Moved to the web, updated content, new screen examples, searchable

8. Main Menu re-organized

9. User-interface updates

10. Available in Spanish and French

11. Other minor defect fixes and enhancements

Version 2.4 Updates

1. Playlist Manager Updates (PAID VERSION)

When editing an item, changes were not saving correctly

Corrected duration time display for larger playlists

2. Configure Presets menu item renamed to Preset Manager

3. Resolved an issue when resetting a playlist or skipping a playlist item the count on the button was not updating correctly (PAID VERSION)

4. Resolved an issue where the MUTE and EDIT options were reset when using Playlist Manager or Preset Manager (PAID VERSION)

5. Improved screen swipe detection and arrow button footprint for easier switching between presets (PAID VERSION)

6. Added Battery Meter

7. Other minor defect fixes and enhancements

Version 2.3 Updates

1. Playlist Manager (PAID VERSION)

Create, Edit and Sort Playlists

Uses same audio select options (fade, trim, gain)

See the "Playlists" section for more details

2. New Button Configuration Options

Auto fade-out on manual stop

Select Playlist (PAID VERSION)

Playlist - Shuffle (PAID VERSION)

Playlist - Continuous Play (PAID VERSION)

See the "Buttons" section for more details

3. Volume tuning improvements for more fine-tuned fading and volume controls

4. Important bug fixes

5. UI enhancements