Use the drop down menu and select Settings, then Import/Export

Export Settings

1. Click Export Settings

All applicable settings files will be exported to the local device to a folder called "All-Sports Soundboard"

Import Settings

IMPORTANT: Export all files prior to performing an import so you have a backup in case you encounter any issues after importing.

1. Click Select Folder to select the folder that want to import from.

2. Select the files from the list that you want to import

3. Click Import Selected Files to import the selected files

For reference, listed below are the files names/prefixes and what they are used for Enter a time, in seconds (1-10) that will used as the fade duration when stopping a button and the Fade On-Stop option is enabled for the button

Global Settings - This file contains the settings from the Global Settings screen; it also contains registration data.
Main Settings - This file contains settings that are primarily used behind the scenes by the application; it also contains registration data.
Preset_XX - These files contains the preset settings where all buttons and preset data are stored XX refers to the preset number.
play_XX - These files contains playlist settings where data for each specific playlist is stored. XX refers to the playlist name.
playlists - This file contains a list of available playlists.

If you want to restore your complete settings or are importing from another device, it is highly recommended to import all of the files.

If you want to restore a single preset and it's buttons, only select that preset.

If you are restoring from a different device, there is a chance that some or all audio file/track mappings will fail. If you know the folder path on the old device and the folder path on the new device, you can use a text editor and perform a search/replace in the preset and playlist files before importing them.