1. What are the minimum requirements?

Android 5.1 or later required

Screen width must be at least 360dpi in portrait mode

2. What types of audio files are supported?

MP4 - MP4 video files can be used; the audio will be extracted





The audio files must be DRM free

3. Can I use audio files I downloaded from Amazon, Google, or other music providers?

You can only use the files if you purchased them, not if you downloaded them for "listening to offline" as part of a streaming subscripton as those files are still DRM protected.

Future releases may have this capability once/if music providers will allow it.

4. If you are experiencing volume issues (volume too low), please see the Volume Control help section.

5. The All-Sports Soundboard does not include any music/tracks. You must provide all of the tracks to use out of your own library of downloaded materials. However, please see our user-community web pages where some locations of royalty-free sound effects and tracks may be listed. Please see your music provider (iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc.) for more details on how to download songs you've purchase to your device.