Setting Up a Preset

1. Using the main menu, select Settings, then Preset Manager

2. Select the preset from the list on the left that you want to configure

3. Enter a name for the preset

The name must be unique

4. Enter a title for the preset that will be displayed on the main sceeen

5. Select a custom logo (not required)

Supports BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG formats

6. Select a home media folder (not required)

7. Select a background theme

8. Enable or Disable the preset

If must be enabled to show up the Select Preset menu as well as to be able to switch it

The first preset is required to be enabled

9. Click Save Preset to save your changes

10. Click Delete Preset to remove the preset and it's associated settings

11. Click Clear Fields to clear all the preset fields and set them to the default settings

12. Click Cancel to cancel changes

13. Click Copy Preset to import settings from another preset

Copying a preset will copy preset settings as well as all buttons that are stored for that preset

Select a preset from the drop down menu that you want copy the settings from

Click Select to continue or Cancel to return to the preset screen

Enter a new preset name (preset names must be unique)

Click Save Preset to save the changes

14. Click Exit Preset Manager to exit and return to the main screen

As long as the preset you saved is Enabled, it should now be available from the main screen