Setting Up a Playlist

1. Use the drop down menu and select Settings, then Playlist Manager

2. Select an existing playlist from the list that you want to edit or click New Playlist to create a new one.

3. Enter a name for the playlist

Limited to 40 characters

Name must be unique

4. Edit Existing Playlist Track

Click on a track from the Tracks list

Click Remove Track to remove the selected track from the playlist

Click Edit Track to enter the audio track select screen and edit the track settings or select a new track

Click Move Track Up to move the selected track up in the playlist

Click Move Track Down to move the selected track down in the playlist

5. Add New Track to the Playlist

Click Add Track to enter the audio select screen where you can select a track and track options (start/end times, fade in/out, volume/gain)

The new track will be added to the end of the playlist


Click Cancel to cancel any changes and clear the playlist fields

Click Save Playlist to save any changes made to the playlist

When saving an existing playlist, any button that is mapped to that playlist will be reset the next time it is used or refreshed (playlist will start over, re-shuffled, etc.)

Click Clear Playlist to clear all playlist fields

Click Delete Playlist to delete the selected playlist

Click Copy Playlist to create a copy the currently selected playlist

Click New Playlist to create a new, empty playlist